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The Toy Library of Kilmore offers the following memberships:


1 child membership for $70:  2 toys and 2 puzzles


2 children family membership for $80:   4 toys and 4 puzzles


3+ children family membership for $90:   6 toys and 6 puzzles



OR SAVE $40 - As a Duty Member

As a volunteer run, not-for-profit organisation we need members to help to keep things running. Members can therefore complete 4 duties per year alongside a committee member, generally spaced out 1 per term. Which means you will save $40 a year. Children are encouraged to attend with you, to find out what new toys they are interested in. 


Grandparent memberships: We offer Grandparent memberships, which are at the special discounted rate of $30 and are exempt of duties. Grandparent members are not required to complete duties unless they wish to.


Maternity Leave - Duty members are exempt from duty for 6 months after their baby is due.


Party Packs

Exclusive to the Toy Library of Kilmore members. A number of large toys are available for borrowing which are perfect for birthdays and special occasions. Borrow up to five large toys to keep your kids entertained. The first 2 toys are borrowed under your membership and extra toys cost $5 each.


Care of Toys

  • We request members treat Toy Library Toys with all reasonable care. Please return the toys clean and in their containers or bags. Please bring toys inside after use outside. We sometimes suggest Toy Library toys are kept separate from your own toys and packed away after each use to avoid loss or damage.


Late toys

  • All toys have a loan period of 2 weeks and it is required that they are returned clean and in good condition. If you need to renew toys, please let us know via Facebook, email, or drop in when we are open. If toys are late there is a fine of $1 per toy per week that it is late.


Missing pieces

  • Any lost pieces will incur a fine of $2, which is refundable when the piece is located and returned to us. This includes the containers and bags the toys are stored in.


Broken toys

  • We recognize that sometimes accidents do happen; therefore if an item is damaged beyond repair or completely lost then a significant donation towards the replacement of this item is requested - this cost will be discussed at the next committee meeting. 

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